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Today the market is full of Wellness products and services aimed at improving the quality of health.

Open fitness-clubs, Spa-salons, yoga centres and meditation groups. We offer a wide range of food additives. Books about all sorts of diets, sold devices and equipment "for health"...

However, it is clear that different people respond differently to the healing methods.

Only an objective assessment will enable you to choose the right way and dose, to evaluate the advantages or disadvantages of treatments and means with respect to a specific person. That is, you must have objective and reliable way of registering what is happening in the body changes.

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How it works.

Any disease is preceded by a violation of the nervous regulation. These violations leads to changes in sensitivity at different points of the skin. Most clearly respond point fingers.

To assess sensitivity, we heat the point and watch their reaction. Each point is associated with its "parent" body. If the reaction time is longer - the body in the decreased activity, it is increased. Special processing techniques allow great detail to describe the state of regulation

When you performed the test, the program sends the data for processing. you get an opinion which clearly identifies Your possible problems, compare Your results and evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts.
You will be assigned a personal consultant. If necessary, Your personal expert will help you understand what is happening to You. Without leaving your home You can get advice on Skype.

The project organized health groups, to which you can connect at any time.

The RUNO pen gives off heat from an infra-red tip, similar to that on the remote control of a television. No electric current is involved, which means the pen is absolutely safe, although it is advisable to keep it out of the reach of small children. Using the pen, you or your medical practitioner must touch the 40 acupuncture points just below the nails on each of your fingers and toes. Data from the pen is then transferred to your computer or your doctor's and you can see the images and graphs of your body working.

It is the speed of your reaction to the heat from the pen that helps to build up a full picture of your state of health and wellbeing. Each acupuncture point answers for an organ in the body. The more points that show sensitivity, the better your body is functioning. Problem points will react either too rapidly or too slowly to the heat, showing that organs are either over-excited (with a risk of a health crisis) or sluggish (with a risk of chronic disease).

The test takes about 10 minutes to complete. To obtain meaningful results, you need to take several tests, as the functioning of your body is changing constantly, depending on the time of day and your various physical and mental states. Are you tired or wide awake, hungry or full, relaxed or stressed? All these factors will affect the readings. You can easily takRUNO-sisteme the tests yourself but you may want a doctor to help you interpret the results. Ideally, you will take the tests regularly and build up your own health profile. You will come to know yourself and be able to see at a glance if there are any worrying changes in what is normal for you.

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