For Doctors

A wise doctor doesn't treat the sick but the healthy. His or her job isn't to put down rebellion but to keep order. Treating the sick when a rebellion is in full cry is like digging a well when you suddenly feel thirsty.
Su Wen Nei Jing, China, 6th century BC

Our company is dedicated to introducing new methods of health control for wide application. Variational thermo-algometry (VTA) is one of the most important developments in the field of functional diagnosis. In 2000, the RUNO (Hands and Feet) system was certified and included on the register of medical equipment in Russia. The Russian Ministry of Health has recommended it to doctors.

RUNO is a system of express-diagnosis that shows how the body functions, moment to moment. Its purpose is to detect weaknesses and dysfunctions in internal organs and evaluate the patient's own restorative abilities.

Today, it is the most precise, complete and simple technology on the market. The system is successfully used in top government clinics as well as private medical centers. Its simplicity and reliability make it an irreplaceable companion for specialists using biologically active food supplements, as well as doctors wanting to control the efficacy of prescribed remedies. The system gives quick and exact feedback.

Our company actively cooperate Our company actively cooperates with medical departments, hospitals, health centers and sanatoria. We are constantly widening the area of RUNO's application and gathering new scientific data. Based on our findings, we are updating our software and fine-tuning our equipment. Our specialists have also published numerous scientific papers on VTA.

Our program is translated into 8 languages and used in 11 countries across the world.