Mind and Body


"Ninety-five per cent of all our health problems start in our heads," says Doctor Sergei Dyomin. "There are traumas and infections, of course, but even accidents depend on psychology."

With the RUNO system, you can see what your mind has been doing to your body.

"It's scary to look at the picture of Dorian Gray but we are not showing a fatal picture," says Dr. Dyomin. "If a person starts to observe himself, to listen to himself, then he is ill less often. He or she starts to have control.

"We are like zombies. We are told we will live to 70 or whatever and we programme ourselves to do just that. But we could live longer. We need to fix our diets, go to bed earlier and get up at dawn."

Dr. Irina Dyomina says the RUNO system is a "third, golden way between physiology and psychology. We all know the body and mind are linked and that diseases start in the mind. If we can see the effect on the body, then we can get back to the mental state and try to change it. If you know that fighting with your mother-in-law has a bad effect on your heart, you will find new ways of dealing with her."

Your RUNO diagnosiYour RUNO diagnosis is accompanied by a hexagram reading from the I-Ching or ancient Chinese Book of Changes, whose 64 cards show the 64 possible human states. So for example, if there is over-excitement in one area of your body and lack of energy in another, the hexagram may say that you are frustrated by a situation that seems to offer no solution. "Calm yourself down," says Dr. Dyomina, “and your body will calm down too."