Hands and Feet

Irina and Sergei Dyomin

Your health is in your own hands ... and in your feet as well!

Russian doctors Irina and Sergei Dyomin have developed a simple system of diagnosis that begins with your fingers and toes.

RukiNogi (Hands and Feet), or RUNO for short, is a synthesis of Eastern and Western knowledge. With RUNO, you can see the functioning of your whole body and get past often-misleading symptoms to the real roots of your medical problems. Doctors are increasingly relying on RUNO but you can also learn to use it for self-diagnosis.


The RUNO kit comes with a special infra-red-tipped pen. It is completely harmless. Using the pen, you touch 40 acupuncture points on your hands and feet. Data from the pen is then fed into a computer, which shows graphs and pictures of how your body is working.

You can see which, if any, of your organs are out of their ideal energy balance and therefore under pressure. RUNO can predict accurately, several days in advance, whether you have a cold coming on. It can also give vital early warning of more serious health problems, such as heart disease or cancer.

RUNO itself cannot cure you but it can give you all the information you need to monitor your health and seek appropriate treatment, if necessary. Its inventors are great believers in the philosophy that prevention is better than cure.